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Table Lamps

Unique table lamps.

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  • Octagonal lamp, made from 111 separate pieces of copper!  If you wonder why I called it ‘Nelson’, it’s an old cricketing term for 111 – try Googling it.
    Works equally well ‘portrait’ or ‘landscape’!
    Comes complete with octagonal LED bulb, and burgundy fabric covered lead (2 meters long) for that extra touch of style.

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  • Made from 15mm copper plumbing pipe, with a spectacular LED bulb.
    A perfect gift for the loved one who lights up your life.

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  • Three, four or five books (hardbacks), stacked on top of each other.  Sometimes three looks better if one is particularly thick , but four normal size novels works really well usually.
    Made so that you can rotate the books – have a neat or scruffy pile as you wish!
    Halogen globe bulb (SES fitting) included.  Takes a standard lampshade – not included, so you can choose your own to match your decor.
    (Please note – the pictures are of lamps I have made previously and are simply shown to illustrate possibilities.)
    (Contact me for details of what might currently be available, or to discuss custom-made options)

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